London Fashion Week: Into the Wild

Friends and family know that I am always partial to animal accessories and prints (various animal pendants as birthday/christmas gifts provides evidence for this). I have to say, I am impressed with London Fashion Week embracing the wild. Here are the shows that did it best:


There is no surprise that Burberry went into the woods and featured British wildlife- foxes, ducks, hounds and owls dominated the Burberry landscape on cute tees, clasps on clutches, belts and umbrella heads. This acts as a charming tribute to their ever important heritage image (see previous blog post on Burberry heritage).

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane added a touch of modern glamour by reinventing the popular leopard print in purple. Along with a mesmerising python print in both purple and red, Kane fully represented the most dangerous animals out there, creating a desirable and luxe look.


Taking it one step further into the world of fantasy, Mulberry took inspiration from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Different textured furs made its way down the catwalk, teamed with clashing tiger prints and citric coloured leathers. With their literal interpretation, even the little shaggy haired dog looked the part.

And here are some animal themed songs just for the fun of it:

  1. ย Animal (Crookers remix)- Miike Snow
  2. Be Strong- 2 Bears
  3. You- Gold Panda
  4. Animale ft Dragonette- Don Diablo

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