Songs of 2011: 10-1

10. Cut Copy- Take Me Over

That bassline cannot be ignored, and we need more synth solos like this one

9. Little Dragon- Ritual Union

The experimental sounds are easily digestible and the great vocal makes this track both subtle and powerful

8. Foster the People- Pumped Up Kicks

Although now reminds me of a certain advert (perhaps the sign of a great song?) it was the summer song of 2011

7. Tom Vek- Aroused

Very pleased that Tom Vek has made a come back. Music still produced with a demo-like vibe. Awesome intro and one infectious bassline (boom.boom.boom.boom)

6. Teams vs. Star Slinger- Punch Drunk Love

Combining old motown with contemporary beats for a fusion of sampling heaven

5. Digitalism- Blitz

There is no need for lyrics with this perfectly made slice of electro

4. Jai Paul- BTSTU (Edit)

The minimal vocal allows the hip hop beat take centre stage

3. Friendly Fires- Show Me Lights

Ff referred to 90s boyband pop whilst making their second album, and this reminds me of old Nsync songs- just need to make a dance routine for it now

2. SBTRKT- Something Goes Right feat Sampha

Compatible marriage of SBTRKT and Sampha is evidently seen in the album. Great dance-a-long/sing-a-long (walk-a-long? see Chanel’s Haute Couture AW 2011/12 show) track. Someone pass me an African inspired mask

1. Metronomy- The Bay

2011 was probably the year when pop tried to be alternative (i.e. Lady Gaga/Rhianna/any other artist with the David Guetta template) and everyone else just made good pop music? Metronomy’s The Bay is a feel good pop construction that was constantly on repeat this year. 

 Listen to the full 20-1 playlist of 2011 on Spotify now


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