Peter Pan: Under the Collar

Walt Disney’s 1953 depiction of Peter Pan is by no means a fashion inspiration. From the clashing greens to the jagged hem lines, Disney has drastically altered J.M.Barrie’s 20th century character. The ever powerful Disney may have a knack for transforming charming fictions, however the fashion world have ignored their tunic and leggings combo and this Autumn/Winter, have taken a nod to the original features of this unlikely fashion icon.

Flying high on this season’s catwalks is the distinct 20th century Peter Pan collar. Originally called the Little Lord Fauntleroy suit collar, a new boy swooped in to steal the Lord’s spotlight and the style soon became synonymous with Peter Pan. With its round and scooped features, the fact that it was worn without a tie sealed this collar around 20th century women and children. The setting and character of Peter Pan draws out the whimsical and innocent style towards this fashion trend and stamps this trend as distinctively quaint and British (after all, Peter was stranded in Kensington Gardens). Later, the style was embracing the necks of school boys of upper class institutions.

Maude Adams as Peter Pan

Fast-forward to the swinging sixties and the simple shift dress was adorned with the Peter Pan collar, contrasting its soft features with the edgy look of the time. It is from this era that has resulted in today’s interpretation of the collar, giving a retro and vintage feel. The collar is small, but powerful, boasting the ability to refine the look and focus of any outfit. With it transcending from the boy who wouldn’t grow up, adding to the frills of Victorian children, providing an ‘innocence’ to the sixties and finally reaching the glamorous Autumn/Winter collections of 2011 and descending onto our high street, this collar style has certainly been taken on a journey.

The Peter Pan collar is going to fly off the racks of fashion retailers and remains to be a constant classic cut, certifying that whatever your age, you will be Hooked, and will never quite grow out of it.

Twenty-first century Alexa Chung, Agness Deyn, Emma Watson

(written in August 2011)

3 Responses to “Peter Pan: Under the Collar”
  1. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  2. When I think of this style I always think of Alexa Chung. She wears this so well.

    • lindahlt says:

      It gives a pretty yet classy look- which is the basis of Alexa’s style. Would much prefer to wear a dainty Peter Pan collar than some blingy jewellery any day!

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